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by Venrock

A Q&A with David Pakman

Before David Pakman joined Venrock's New York office in 2008, he spent 12 years as an Internet entrepreneur heading up eMusic and Apple Music Group. Having been a founder himself, David became a venture capitalist to partner with entrepreneurs and help them achieve their dreams of world domination.

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: No Straight Shots in FinTech

Ryan Gilbert, co-founder of SmartBiz Loans, speaks with Brian Ascher of Venrock about building a fintech company and what went wrong along the way. The company mastered the art of pivoting and ultimately found its niche in small business loans. Gilbert advises new fintech entrepreneurs to partner wi

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Genetic Truths, No Veneers

Anne Wojcicki, founder of 23andMe, speaks with Bob Kocher of Venrock about her path to entrepreneurship, the importance of authenticity and health as the ultimate equalizer of humanity. Wojcicki was dismayed by the lack of transparency in healthcare, which led the company to sell direct to consumers

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: The Serial Entrepreneur

Kevin Ryan, co-founder of DoubleClick, MongoDB, Business Insider, and Gilt Groupe (among others), speaks with Nick Beim at Venrock about building teams and what to look for in a VC. Ryan advocates taking risks as an entrepreneur, even if it leads to a failure or two. You can learn a lot from unsucce

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Healthcare. It's Complicated.

Blue Shield of California (BSCA) CEO Paul Markovich speaks with Bob Kocher at Venrock about bringing the healthcare system out of the stone age and the opportunities for entrepreneurs to bring much needed change to the industry. They talk about how Paul’s career path led him to healthcare, how he

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Managing Diversity at Pinterest

Candice Morgan, Head of Diversity at Pinterest, speaks with Venrock’s Richard Kerby about her experience so far balancing recruitment and retention of diverse candidates at Pinterest, and challenges of recruiting in San Francisco in particular. They also discuss the less sexy side of diversity ini

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by Doug Dooley

How to fight crime with Machine Learning

Businesses have to defend their environments from attacks, and security professionals are asked to accomplish impossible feats in the modern era of cyber defense: they have to protect users and critical information from unauthorized access. This is asymmetric warfare where the bad guys have to get

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Technology Enables it and Culture Demands It

YouNow CEO and founder Adi Sideman talks with Venrock partner David Pakman about his dream of an interconnected and livecasted world, and how he made it a reality with the founding of YouNow. He shares his views on the one pure form of rich media creation, what it’s like to compete with Twitter an

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Olympic Gold Medalist Turned CEO on Building a Business

Brent Lang, an Olympic Gold Medalist and CEO/President of Vocera, speaks with Venrock partner Brian Ascher about his journey from winning an Olympic gold in swimming during the 1988 Seoul Games to leading a public company. Brent shares lessons learned from competing in the Olympics and discusses his

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by Nick Beim

Clara Lending: A Big Swing

There are few markets larger or more important to the US economy than the consumer mortgage market, which consists of $1.5 trillion in annual originations. Or more emotionally important to consumers, for whom homes represent an opportunity to build stability, a family and a better life. Or more str

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: The Yoda of Genomics

John Stuelpnagel speaks with Venrock partner Bryan Roberts about his career transition from large animal veterinarian to entrepreneur, the keys to Illumina’s dominance in the industry, and the future of genomics. As the founder and board member of many successful genomics companies including Illum

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by David Pakman

Running Through Walls: Dollar Shave Club CEO Michael Dubin on the Unilever acquisition

As an early investor in Dollar Shave Club, I spoke with CEO Michael Dubin about the company’s acquisition by Unilever and the journey to this point on the latest episode of Venrock’s podcast, Running Through Walls. Many people remember the humorous viral video that first launched the company.