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author img 5.1.2015
by Bob Kocher, MD

The Future Of Medicine — Where Investors Are Putting Their Money

This article was first published in Forbes. It is co-authored by Nikhil Sahni, Bob Kocher and David Cutler. The way physicians practice medicine is changing, and investors are betting that this trend will accelerate. In the past few years, venture capital money has moved from an almost-exclusive foc

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by Doug Dooley

White lions of big-data security

There are fewer than 300 white lions living on the planet.* To say they are rare and exceptional is an understatement. Today, people with the multi-disciplinary skills necessary for advanced information security are almost as rare as white lions. In just the areas of threat discovery and breach det

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by David Pakman

Here is what Jay-Z should have launched with Tidal

“The transition from CDs to digital hasn’t worked well for the music industry. Sales are down and too many people listen to music without paying for it. We think that is because digital music is too expensive for the value it delivers. For too long, music has been both too expensive for

author img 3.26.2015
by David Pakman

The Inevitable Evolution of Online Sharing — Live Video Conversations

It’s been an incredibly exciting few weeks as the world comes to hear more about the latest category of social sharing — live mobile video. (Disclosure: we have been bullish on this space since our investment last year in YouNow.) Given that we have had the pleasure of observing this phenome

author img 3.17.2015
by Nick Beim

Dataminr and the Science of Real-Time Information Discovery

Today Dataminr announced a $130m round of financing from a group of leading financial institutions and prominent financial thought leaders including John Mack, Vikram Pandit, Tom Glocer and Noam Gottesman.   A number of friends have asked me about the company and what I find most interesting about

author img 3.16.2015
by Nick Beim

Are Venture Capitalists Biased Against Female Entrepreneurs?

In her article Taking a Hammer to the Silicon Ceiling, Amanda Bennett hits on a real problem in the venture industry where spoken and unspoken biases have a significant impact: it is harder for women to raise money than it is for men. However hopeful one’s outlook, this is an uncomfortable and ine

author img 3.11.2015
by Richard Kerby

Why Are There So Few Black Investors?

Today, some of the world’s most respected and successful figures are those in the tech industry. They include entrepreneurs who have developed innovative products and launched industry-changing companies. An important segment of people who provide capital and (hopefully) assistance to these entrep

author img 3.3.2015
by Richard Kerby

Everyone Can Live the Luxe Life

As someone who owns a car and lives in a city, I routinely find it hard to find a parking spot and spend unnecessary time circling blocks in search of a coveted spot.  And when I do find a spot, I often end up getting a ticket or paying exorbitant garage rates.  Our latest investment

author img 3.3.2015
by Brian Ascher

How to End Your Parking Nightmares Once and For All

I love cities, but a settled family and the location of our offices relegate me to life in the suburbs at present. I drive up to San Francisco several days most weeks and though I love the energy, creativity, food, culture and walkability, I truly hate parking. My parking frustrations start with th

author img 2.23.2015
by Bob Kocher, MD

Does your physician have to prescribe antibiotics for every sore throat?

This article was first published in Fortune.  It is co-authored by Ezekiel J. Emanuel and Bob Kocher.  With the right medical malpractice reforms, physicians can reinforce high quality care and provide cover for those who don’t want to prescribe antibiotics for every sore throat. There is a lot

author img 2.23.2015
by David Pakman

A Few Lessons I’ve Learned

A young entrepreneur asked me a great question the other day, “What are some things you learned later in your career that you wish you knew earlier in your career?” I didn’t have a great answer at the time, but of course it got me thinking. There are a few key lessons I have focus

author img 2.9.2015
by Brian Ascher

Will There Really Be an Uber for Everything?

  This post originally appeared on TechCrunch here. Though the press has turned on them as of late, seizing on every allegation and misstep, I love using Uber. From the very first time (September 28, 2010 to be exact) I saw the little town car icon crawling across the map coming towards my lit