Thoughts, ideas and observations from our Venrock team

author img 7.31.2014
by Bob Kocher, MD

Venrock 7

With our fundraising complete for Venrock 7, Bryan Roberts and I are looking forward to putting more capital to work in the healthcare IT space. We believe now is the time for our clunky and expensive healthcare system to be reimagined and we’re seeing some of the most talented entrepreneurs flock

author img 7.31.2014
by David Pakman

Venrock 7

My partners and I are thrilled to continue collaborating with fantastic entrepreneurs to help build enduring, iconic and meaningful companies. Last week, we completed the fundraising of Venrock 7, a $450M fund focused on disruptive early-stage tech and multi-stage healthcare companies. For many VC

author img 7.31.2014
by Bryan Roberts

Venrock 7: Looking Back & Forward

Last week, we completed the fundraising for Venrock 7, a $450 million pool of capital to deploy as we partner with some terrific entrepreneurs to build great technology and healthcare companies. The establishment of a new fund feels like one part cause for proud announcement and 99 parts assumption

author img 6.27.2014
by David Pakman

Without Aereo, How Will Traditional TV Be Disrupted?

After yesterday’s Supreme Court Decision against Aereo, will traditional TV be disrupted? The First Phase of Disruption Already Started There has been a major shift away from appointment TV to on-demand viewing, beginning with the DVR, followed by Netflix, and now partially fulfilled by hundr

author img 6.17.2014
by Doug Dooley

Cloud networking beyond SDN and NFV

New innovations in networking are being triggered because of at least four broad-based macro trends: Cloud: Growth of business-critical applications in the cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) Mobility: More branch offices and mobile workers using a variety of devices Security: IT administrators losing visibil

author img 6.15.2014
by Doug Dooley

How to become a venture capitalist

Since I joined the ranks of venture capital investors, the most common question I seem to get from my friends and colleagues is, “How did you become a venture capitalist?” I think it’s because the path and even the role seems opaque to so many. For others, mostly those working at t

author img 6.10.2014
by David Pakman

Taking the Other Side in the Amazon/Hachette Debate

This post is likely to be unpopular. In April of 2012, I wrote “Why Should eBooks Cost $15” in response to the news that the Justice Department was suing Apple over price collusion with the book publishers. In it, I discussed eBook pricing… Readers of this blog are familiar with my

author img 6.9.2014
by Nick Beim

A Debate about the Future of NY Tech

HotTopics recently hosted an interesting debate moderated by Jeff Glueck about the future of the NY tech scene that I participated in along with Kevin Ryan, Dennis Crowley, Jessica Lawrence, Alfred Lin and Bob Goodman. Here are the highlights. Some of the big questions we hit were: -How is the NY

author img 5.10.2014
by Nick Beim

A Discussion With Some of New York’s Most Successful Repeat Entrepreneurs

Some of the most helpful advice in building startups comes from entrepreneurs who have been there and done that successfully multiple times. To try to find and highlight the best advice of this kind, we recently hosted a panel discussion with a group of New York’s top repeat entrepreneurs, includ

author img 4.24.2014
by David Pakman

The FCC Decides to Eviscerate the Neutral Internet

Like many in the tech community, I was both shocked and dismayed at the FCC’s sudden about face on the basic principles of net neutrality. “The principle that all Internet content should be treated equally as it flows through cables and pipes to consumers looks all but dead.” ̵

author img 4.18.2014
by Brian Ascher

The Future of Software is…Wicked Smaaht

Software as a Service and cloud computing has been transformational for the software industry.  But compared to what is coming next, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  First, to appreciate where we are heading a quick review of where we’ve been is in order.  Back in the olden days of business soft

author img 4.15.2014
by Richard Kerby

Net Neutrality

Imagine this:You sit down at your laptop one day and go to your favorite video streaming website. But instead of getting clips of hilarious cats, you get a message telling you that you have exceeded your streaming allowance for the month, unless you would you like to purchase some extra streaming cr