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by Venrock

A Q&A with Camille Samuels

Camille is a healthcare veteran and joined Venrock in 2014. Although she is based in Venrock’s Palo Alto office, Camille is a New Yorker at heart. Growing up, her father’s relentless pursuit of his dreams inspired her, and today she partners with entrepreneurs in areas like longevity science to

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by David Pakman

Should You Have To Buy A New Car to Get New Features?

Introducing our investment in Pearl, the first direct-to-consumer products company bringing safety, convenience, and eventually, autonomous driving features to your existing car. With more than 1.2 million fatalities and up to 50 million injuries globally per year, driving is dangerous. It takes

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by Brian Ascher

Q&A: Talking fintech with Venrock partner Brian Ascher

This post was originally published in PitchBook.  Can you tell me your view on fintech and why it’s so important? The financial services sector is enormous and spans a variety of trillion and multi-hundred billion dollar markets from mortgages and loans, to investments, payments, insurance, a

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by Richard Kerby

Pattern Matching

I was at a startup mentoring event this morning and one of the founders asked me about pattern matching and I wanted to share my response.Continue reading on Richard Kerby » Source:

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by Nick Beim

The Barbell Effect of Machine Learning

If there is one technology that promises to change the world more than any other over the next several decades, it is arguably machine learning. By enabling computers to learn certain things more efficiently than humans and discover certain things that humans cannot, machine learning promises to br

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by Bob Kocher, MD

Through the Eyes of One ACO: Deciding on Next Generation ACO

This article first appeared in It is co-authored with Travis Broome. As the most advanced accountable care organization (ACO) model, Next Generation ACO has its appeal. However, it is the riskiest model, and one ACO explains why it decided to stay with the Medicare Shared Savings Program.

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by David Pakman

Running Through Walls: Mightybells executive Gina Bianchini advises to focus on inputs

In this episode of Running Through Walls, I sit down with Gina Bianchini, CEO and founder of Mightybell. Gina is an expert in community building. Many also know her as the co-founder of Ning, the largest social platform for communities that grew to 90 million monthly unique visitors and 300,000

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by Bryan Roberts

Running Through Walls: Grand Rounds CEO on healthcare startups and hiring

In this episode of Running Through Walls, I caught up with Grand Rounds CEO and co-founder Owen Tripp, one of the first successful technology entrepreneur crossovers to the fight against complexity and confusion in healthcare. Prior to Grand Rounds, Owen co-founded and grew the comp

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by Brian Ascher

Running Through Walls: Dynamic Signal CEO Russ Fradin on how good businesses constantly pivot

For the inaugural episode of Venrock’s new podcast, Running Through Walls, I spoke with Russ Fradin, CEO and founder of Dynamic Signal, about his long history as an entrepreneur. I have known Russ for years and was also an investor in Adify, where he was founder and CEO. Having founded 3 compan

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by David Pakman

The Music Industry Buried More Than 150 Startups—Now They are Left to Dance with the Giants

High royalty rates prevent profitable businesses from emerging Continue reading on Cuepoint » Source:

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by Bob Kocher, MD

A Comprehensive Strategy for Primary Care Payment Reform in Medicare

This article first appeared in The Evidence Base. It is co-authored with Farzad Mostashari and Mark McClellan. Strengthening primary care has been a core goal of health care payment reform over the past several years. Primary care physicians are the cornerstone of the health care delivery, directin

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by Doug Dooley

Security at the speed of cloud

Speed is often a key factor that distinguishes good from great. In the digital world, special products that we recommend to our friends often deliver value with simplicity and speed. When we see a product demo in its early days that just blows us away, it’s a special moment especially in informati