Speed is often a key factor that distinguishes good from great. In the digital world, special products that we recommend to our friends often deliver value with simplicity and speed. When we see a product demo in its early days that just blows us away, it’s a special moment especially in information security.

It’s happened to me a half dozen times in my career. It’s probably happened to you too. Generally, a special product does something really well that it makes a previously complex process work so simply that we wonder why it hasn’t been this way all along.

Isaac Asimov once said “I am not a speed reader. I am a speed understander.” This quote makes me think of the first time I saw the Evident.io Security Platform (ESP). The speed at which ESP deploys and delivers security insights across a globally distributed Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment is remarkable. To process so much information with immediacy and then present security risk insights intuitively is something I have not seen before. The tempo of this security platform is almost as impressive as the pace at which traditional enterprises are finally adopting public cloud infrastructure like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Evident.io has and will continue to accelerate this adoption for businesses that previously held back due to security concerns.

As the concerns in public cloud security becomes more manageable with platforms like Evident.io, the talent shortage in IT security continues to grow daily. In 2016, several reports have cited the number of unfilled security job in the U.S. at 209,000 and about one million globally . Even for the most successful companies, finding qualified security professionals remains a problem. NinjaJobs.org, candidate matching platform that is 100 percent focused on security professionals, has over 400 open positions today.

One of the best ways to bridge the gap in a talent shortage is to provide tools that allow your existing professionals to do more with less. In the world of DevOps, automation and orchestration tools like Puppet and Chef have enabled small teams to manage massive infrastructure environments. Similar automation tools are starting to emerge in the world of security and Evident.io has established a leadership role in public cloud security. My firm Venrock has led the recent $15.7 million dollar financing round alongside existing investors Bain Capital Ventures and True Ventures. I am excited to join the Evident.io board and help this accomplished team continue to drive their innovations in cloud security full-speed ahead.