Last year, we announced our Series A investment in Amino, a network of mobile-only communities focused on passion and interest verticals. The team has done a great job executing on the first phase of the business, which was to create standalone apps for communities. The communities range from large fandoms that many of us already know such as fans of Star Wars, Anime, and Pokemon to more niche communities like fans of nail art, Furry, or Undertale. Many of these communities started to grow rapidly and becoming strong self-sustaining communities, which led to the beginning of the second phase of Amino.

In July, they launched a mobile app that allows anyone to create and manage their own community. This gives everyone the power to create and build communities around the passions or interest that they care most about and find others around the world who share those same passions. As individual communities reach meaningful scale, they get spun out of the Amino app and become their own stand-alone app in the App Store. In just the first 60 days, 150,000 new communities were created. Today they are announcing that their users have created more than 250,000 communities on the platform. In addition Amino already operates a portfolio of more than 250 stand-alone apps, with hundreds or even thousands more expected in the future, created and moderated solely by their users.

The growth over the last few months has been quite impressive, but even more impressive has been the level of engagement among the Amino community members. The average user is spending over 60 minutes per day in their community or communities of choice. In comparison the average time spent per day on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger combined is 50 minutes per day. This amazing level of engagement, coupled with the tremendous growth got other investors also excited and today Amino is also announcing their $19M Series B raise.

I’ve been continuously excited by what Ben, Yin and the team have accomplished in the last 15 months and am even more excited by what’s to come. I’m sure you have your own passion or interest that you would like to dive into so feel free to download Amino and find your community and if it doesn’t exist create it!