Running Through Walls: M&A from the Heart

Venrock partner Camille Samuels speaks with Corvidia co-founders Ram Aiyar and Michael Davidson about Corvidia’s recent acquisition by Novo Nordisk, just four years after its founding. They discuss how inflammation contributes to cardiovascular disease – the number one killer in the United States – and how their drug Ziltivekimab “Zilti” is proving to be a successful therapy. Aiyar and Davidson share their experiences and advice for other companies exploring a sale, including always being ready for Plan B (or C), maintaining positive relationships, and not rushing any deals. They also discuss why the cardiovascular space is becoming increasingly appealing to entrepreneurs and investors when it was previously avoided. 

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Dataminr uses AI to detect when major events are happening, long before the first news reports emerge. How is this possible? Venrock’s Nick Beim chats with Dataminr’s co-founder and CEO Ted Bailey to discuss how the rise of real-time data platforms and misinformation around the 9/11 attacks helped spark the idea for the company. He shares how Dataminr helps clients mitigate and respond to potential crises more effectively, including the ongoing pandemic. They also discuss how the Dataminr workforce is responding to all-remote work and how Bailey has grown as a leader since founding the company in 2009. 
  1. What Data Tells Us
  2. Career Goals
  3. Navigating the IPO Process
  4. NFL to VC
  5. When Demand Spikes

Running Through Walls: The Right EQ for Leadership

Venrock partner Camille Samuels sits down with her fellow Unity board member Paul Berns to discuss his long career in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries. He shares how he led Anacor to a $5B+ acquisition by Pfizer in 2016 and his approach to managing people (the most important variable for success) with intellectual honesty and a high EQ. They also discuss the history of Humira, the world’s largest drug, and how the patient ultimately shapes every business decision he makes.

Running Through Walls: Surviving a Slump

Bruce Cozadd was a musician in his early years, but a passion for science and business led him to enter the biopharma industry. Venrock partner Camille Samuels talks to Cozadd, now CEO of Jazz Pharmaceuticals, about his journey to co-founding Jazz and the people who helped him along the way. He shares the joys of starting Jazz with a team that had worked together in the past, but also highlights the downside: that his team lacked diverse prior experiences to rely upon while building a company. When Jazz’s stock price fell to just $0.53 a share, Cozadd persevered and relied on grit and determination to turn the company around. He also shares his wisdom about managing people through all stages of their careers, and reveals what his mentor taught him about treating people well no matter how difficult a situation the company is in.

Running Through Walls: Entrepreneurship is Stressful

Six-time founder Ned David speaks with Venrock partner Camille Samuels about why he doesn’t particularly enjoy being an entrepreneur, but feels compelled to build companies, including newly formed Unity Biotechnology. They discuss Unity, and why Ned is passionate about eliminating the aches and pains of old age and extending human “healthspan.” He also shares how his hiring tactics have evolved from “The Bad News Bears” to “The Expendables” over the years, and why he wants to make his son proud.

Ned has founded a series of companies in the biotechnology and sustainable energy sectors, including Syrrx, Achaogen, Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, Sapphire Energy and now Unity, which designs therapeutics that prevent, halt, or reverse numerous diseases of aging.