By Bryan Roberts

This week, Republicans voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA, aka Healthcare Reform). While this vote was largely symbolic (the democrat-led Senate won€™t pass it and President Obama would be sure to veto), it€™s difficult to watch. I wrote an article that was published by Forbes, Healthcare Reform: Rhetoric vs. Reality, in support of the ACA because it€™s clear that many do not comprehend its tremendous power to catalyze change throughout our healthcare system.

Our healthcare system is broken (badly) and we need our greatest minds solving this problem.

Right now, we get what we pay for: ever increasing utilization of, and unit costs for, the system without corresponding leaps in outcomes and value. The innovation spurred by the ACA will enable fundamental opportunities to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare, while lowering costs, that will assist America to retain and increase its global competitiveness over the next 50 years.

The bottom line is that the ACA, combined with other trends such as a generation of computer savvy MD€™s, is driving an entrepreneurial boom in healthcare IT and services €“ a rising tide of innovation and venture creation that has the opportunity to save lives, save money, help transform our health system for the better and create many jobs. Let€™s hope the Affordable Care Act lives on so we can benefit from the tremendous power of the entrepreneurial community.