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by Venrock

DJ Patil Joining Venrock

Venrock has a 40-year history of investing across technology and healthcare, including more than a decade at the intersection of those two sectors. Earlier this month we expanded our technology investing team with the addition of Tom Willerer.  Continuing to increase the depth and breadth of Venroc

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by Venrock

Welcome Tom Willerer

Venrock is thrilled to announce that Tom Willerer will be joining us as a partner. Tom will be helping us expand our efforts in consumer technology, looking for entrepreneurs who dare to do something that others believe is impossible. Venrock has a long history of investing in early stage, consumer

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by Tom Willerer

A New Venture!

I joined Netflix in 2007, just when we were launching streaming. We were a $1 billion market cap company, only available in the US and our members were all on DVD. When I left in 2013, we had skyrocketed to a much larger company with a $20 billion market cap. Our members were located all over the wo

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by David Pakman

Churn is the single metric that determines the success of your subscription service.

A model to help you evaluate consumer subscription businesses (download here)Not every direct-to-consumer business should be a subscription service. Many try to be, and for good reason—subscription businesses often have more predictable revenue than other businesses, they allow you to acquire a cu

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by Nick Beim

Learning Effects, Network Effects and Runaway Leaders

. There’s a new economic force at work in the machine learning revolution that is capable of generating increasing returns to scale, much as network effects did in the internet revolution. This force is automated learning, and its business impact comes in the form of learning effects: the more

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by David Pakman

A Robot For Every Home and Office?

Looking out 20 years, do you think we will all have a Rosie-type robot in our homes, doing chores and fitting in as a member of our family? Most of us believe this future is likely. But how do we get to there?Misty Robotics, from the makers of Sphero, the leaders in connected play products like BB-

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by Brian Ascher

Twenty Minute VC: Brian Ascher, Partner @ Venrock

Previously published on Twenty Minute VC. Listen to the podcast here.

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by Bryan Roberts

2017 Healthcare Prognosis

The state of US healthcare delivery has certainly been top of mind in 2017. With so much potential change, we are frequently finding ourselves in discussions about how policy will change and impact our ecosystem. While never short of opinions, we also have a lot of questions ourselves. Rather than r

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Culture Conscious

When Matthew Prince and Michelle Zatlyn met in business school, they didn’t envision a class project turning into a billion-dollar company, but that’s exactly what happened. Bryan Roberts, partner at Venrock and Cloudflare board member, talks with the co-founders about the early days of company

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Surviving a Slump

Bruce Cozadd was a musician in his early years, but a passion for science and business led him to enter the biopharma industry. Venrock partner Camille Samuels talks to Cozadd, now CEO of Jazz Pharmaceuticals, about his journey to co-founding Jazz and the people who helped him along the way. He shar

author img 3.8.2017
by Bob Kocher, MD

Virta Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes for Many

In medical school, we committed thousands of pages of medical textbooks to memory about diseases and how to treat them. Like generations of doctors, I memorized that Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic disease where the goal is to slow progression. That there is no cure or way to reverse it. That for most

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: The Doctor is Online

Hill Ferguson joined Doctor on Demand as CEO in 2016. Venrock’s Bob Kocher talks to Ferguson about his first day on the job and hallmarks of a successful founder to CEO transition, including the delicate balance of fixing problems while preserving what’s already great with the company. Ferguson