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by Bryan Roberts

Venrock 9

Venrock raised a new, $450 million pool of capital today to continue our mission to invest in early stage technology and healthcare businesses that are taking novel approaches to solving important problems.  While the fund size and overall strategy remain consistent with prior funds, our

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Career Goals

Emily Drabant Conley, CEO of Federation Bio, joins Venrock partner Racquel Bracken to chat about lessons learned from her time at 23andMe and how Federation Bio is disrupting the microbiome space. Conley discusses key takeaways from her experience in handling moments of crisis, including the import

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by Bob Kocher, MD

Incentives and information drive health care innovation: lessons from Medicare Advantage

This article first appeared in It is co-authored with Bryan Roberts. Health care in America often feels like it moves at a glacial pace, if that fast. Case in point: fax machines remain indispensable as a way of transferring information. On a larger scale, the U.S. health care sy

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by Bob Kocher, MD

Medicare Payment Reform’s Next Decade: A Strategic Plan For The Center For Medicare And Medicaid Innovation

This article first appeared in It is co-authored with Amol S. Navathe, Ezekiel J. Emanuel, Sherry Glied, and Farzad Mostashari. The federal government is facing a fiscal crisis with impending insolvency of the Medicare Trust Fund in 2024, a long-standing challenge acceler

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Navigating the IPO Process

Venrock partner Nimish Shah speaks with Jason Fenton, managing director and head of health care capital markets at Cowen, to discuss the explosion of activity in the biotech IPO market this year. Fenton dives into the pros and cons of a virtual IPO process and shares best practices for companies lo

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by Brian Ascher

Earn While Doing What You Love

When I was in high school I had the good fortune to earn a spot on the Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps. It was a job that was every bit as fun as it sounds, and because we were unionized state employees, it paid decently too. Our days involved sitting on the lifeguard stand every other hour, staring int

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: NFL to VC

Ryan Nece is a former NFL player, Super Bowl winner, and now a venture capitalist at Next Play Capital. He joins Venrock partner Brian Ascher to chat about the transition from the field to the boardroom, including why so many professional athletes take an interest in venture capital and what elite

author img 11.12.2020
by Ethan Batraski

Building Commercial Open Source Software: Part 3 — Distribution & GTM

Building a Commercial Open Source Company In our time investing and supporting open-source companies, we’ve learned several lessons about project & community growth, balancing roadmap and priorities, go-to-market strategy, considering various deployment models, and more. In the spirit o

author img 11.11.2020
by Venrock

Running Through Walls: When Demand Spikes

Venrock partner Bob Kocher speaks with Hill Ferguson, CEO of Doctor On Demand, about how the company managed a huge spike in demand for virtual care as COVID-19 spread throughout the country beginning in March 2020. He shares how Doctor On Demand implemented a real-time assessment for higher-risk p

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Risky Business

Jennifer Bisceglie, CEO and founder of Interos, joins Venrock partner Nick Beim to discuss how Interos mitigates the challenges of third party risk management, particularly during the pandemic, by providing customers full visibility of their extended supply chain. Bisceglie describes how Inter

author img 10.26.2020
by Bob Kocher, MD

Op-Ed: The COVID-19 vaccines are coming. Here’s how they should be rolled out

This article first appeared on It is co-authored with Dana Goldman. Sometime in the next few months we are likely to enter the era of COVID-19 vaccines. With billions of dollars poured into the multiagency federal effort Operation Warp Speed and positive signs coming from c

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by Venrock

Venrock Expands Healthcare Team with Industry Experts

All aspects of company building are hard: not just the standard tasks like product development, but also the non-consensus thinking and the constant adjustments required to build truly disruptive, substantial, and sustainable businesses. Great entrepreneurs are learning machines - constantly seekin