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author img 1.21.2020
by Bryan Roberts

An explosion of knowledge: Multiplexed interventional genomics

Discovery biology, pre-genomics, followed a linear path: develop a hypothesis, design an experiment and carefully control variables, one at a time, to prove or disprove the hypothesis.  The challenge with this “classical” approach is not only the “one step after another” pace, but t

author img 1.15.2020
by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Building a Genomics Unicorn

10x Genomics CEO and co-founder Serge Saxonov joins Venrock’s Bryan Roberts to discuss the founding of the company and its recent IPO. Saxonov shares his story of emigrating from Tajikistan to New York City as a teenager, learning English and becoming an entrepreneur. He talks candidly about how

author img 1.13.2020
by Venrock

Ethan Batraski and Racquel Bracken Promoted to Partner

Todd Graham Joins with Focus on Cybersecurity and Infrastructure For over 40 years, Venrock has been committed to diversified, early stage investing – supporting entrepreneurs who will run through walls to create new products and services, surmounting obstacles that most think impossible. The

author img 1.6.2020
by Brian Ascher

To Measure Sales Efficiency, SaaS Startups Should Use the 4×2

Once you’ve found product/market fit, scaling a SaaS business is all about honing your go-to-market efficiency. Many extremely helpful metrics and analytics have been developed to provide instrumentation for this journey. LTV (lifetime value of a customer), CAC (customer acquisition cost), Magic N

author img 11.14.2019
by Megan Blewett

How to Cure the Antibiotic Industry’s Profitability Infection

This June, a group of biotech representatives converged on San Francisco. They had come to bid on the assets of pharmaceutical company Achaogen, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April. When all was said and done, the top bidders walked away with virtually all of the company’s assets&

author img 11.7.2019
by Brian Ascher

Why I Fell for Nightfall AI

Four years ago I met a recent Stanford grad named Isaac Madan. He had an impressive computer science background, had founded a startup in college, and was interested in venture capital. Though we usually look to hire folks with a bit more experience under their belt, Isaac was exceptionally bright a

author img 11.6.2019
by Venrock

Running Through Walls: A Robot for Everyone

Venrock’s David Pakman speaks with Misty Robotics Founder and Head of Product Ian Bernstein and CEO Tim Enwall about the launch of Misty II and the company’s evolution into a platform for developers. They discuss what sparked their initial interest in robotics and the various ways a robot can h

author img 9.18.2019
by Nick Beim

Maintaining U.S. Leadership in Science and Technology

For the first time in 70 years, the US faces a serious challenge to its science and technology leadership. The primary challenge comes from China, both a strategic competitor and one of our most important economic partners. The cost of losing our leadership position would be high in terms of bot

author img 9.13.2019
by Bryan Roberts

10,000 Steps on a Knife Edge: Building a Large, Enduring Business

Over the last seven years, a bunch of variables – some influenced by our effort and attention, while others definitely out of our control – fell into place much more positively than usual. The result being that Cloudflare and 10X Genomics – companies in which Venrock led Series A financings

author img 9.12.2019
by David Pakman

Bringing Efficiency To Retail With Automation

Simbe Robotics frees up workers to do what humans do best—interact with customers.In the US, with the jobless rate at 3.7%, we are near full employment. Same in the UK at about 3.8%. This makes hiring a challenge for many companies in many sectors. In retail, not only is hiring hard, but turnover

author img 8.7.2019
by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Lessons of Leadership from the Pentagon

Venrock’s DJ Patil speaks with Secretary Ash Carter, who served as the 25th Secretary of Defense in the Obama administration, about his experience in national security, technology and management. He shares how he successfully introduced new technologies to the Pentagon while earning the nickname

author img 7.31.2019
by David Pakman

Blockchain Ballers

Want to own some of the greatest moments in NBA History? Coming soon… Image from NBA Our portfolio company Dapper Labs, along with the NBA and the NBPA, today announced NBA Top Shot, a first-of-its-kind digital collectible plat