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by Venrock

Welcome Ganesh Srinivasan

Venrock is thrilled to announce that Ganesh Srinivasan has joined us as a partner in our Palo Alto office. He will help us expand our efforts to find passionate entrepreneurs, focused on building the future in data infrastructure and developer tools.  The amount of data being generated and

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: The Balancing Act of Drug Discovery

Larry Hamann, co-founder, president, and CEO of Interdict Bio, speaks with Venrock Vice President Mariana Mihalusova about lessons learned from his career in drug discovery. Hamann delves into where his love for organic chemistry stems from and why inclusive environments are essential to building s

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Bust The Liars Without Elevating The Liars

Venrock partner Bob Kocher speaks with Dr. Drew Altman, CEO of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) and founding publisher of Kaiser Health News (KNH), about dealing with misinformation and skepticism with expertise and facts. Altman reveals how misinformation, fragmented media, and a broken

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Healthy Skepticism in Product Management

Jim Del Favero, Head of Product at Figure, a fintech company using blockchain to help homeowners better tap their home equity, joins Venrock partner Brian Ascher to discuss what makes a great product manager. Del Favero reveals why great PMs focus on outcomes, not outputs, and critically think abou

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by Ethan Batraski

Welcome to the New Database Era

The new category of cloud database services emerging One of the most profound and maybe non-obvious shifts driving this is the emergence of the cloud database. Services such as Amazon S3, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Databricks, and others, have solved computing on large volumes of data, and have

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Culture and Connection

Venrock partner Brian Ascher speaks with Nicole Alvino, co-founder and CEO of Firstup, about effective workforce communication both digitally and in person. Alvino highlights fostering employee connection through authentic and transparent communication, using the power of video to drive engagement,

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by Bob Kocher, MD

2022 Healthcare Prognosis

When we published our 2021 survey results, vaccines had yet to be broadly released, Tiger Global was still a growth investor and SPACs were en vogue (at least the raising part…). 2021 respondents overwhelmingly correctly predicted a booster would be available before vaccine protection waned, SPAC

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by Bob Kocher, MD

Aligning Incentives for Improving Diagnostic Excellence

This article first appeared in JAMA Network. It is co-authored with Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD, PhD. Diagnostic excellence is a priority of both patients and individual clinicians, yet does not seem to be afforded the same attention by health care systems. Autopsy data from 2 Swedish hospitals re

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: High Will Over High Skill 

Company success is predicated on the people, according to Daversa Partners founder and CEO, Paul Daversa. Venrock partner Bryan Roberts chats with Daversa about the nuances of recruiting impactful senior-level leadership candidates who are a fit for the needs of the company. They cover hiring high

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by Ethan Batraski

Orchestrating the Modern Data Platform, Venrock’s Investment into Astronomer

The backstory of our 2020 Series A lead investment into Astronomer. — originally posted at — Update since we invested (March 2022) So much has happened since we led the Series A for Astronomer. Here is a brief snippet: Insight Partners, Salesforce Ventures, and Meritec

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by Ethan Batraski

Unlocking the Modern Data Infrastructure, Venrock’s investment into Decodable

Announcing our Seed and Series A investments into Decodable Beginnings of the real-time data enterprise Data is rapidly transforming every industry. Brick & mortar stores are now turning into micro-distribution centers through real-time inventory management. Organizations are deliveri

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Course Correcting for Long-Term Success

Venrock partner Andrew Gottesdiener speaks with Jigar Raythatha, former CEO of Constellation Pharmaceuticals, about lessons learned from his time at Constellation. As Constellation has evolved from an early-stage company to being acquired by MorphoSys, Raythatha dives into its many life-c