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author img 5.5.2021
by Venrock

Running Through Walls: What Financial Advice Should Be

Venrock partner Nick Beim speaks with Jason Wenk, founder and CEO of Altruist, about his mission to increase the accessibility of great financial advice. Wenk walks through his early entrepreneurial endeavors and explains how they’ve contributed to the creation of Altruist. As his leadership styl

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: The Recipe for Drug Discovery

Cyrus Harmon, co-founder and CTO of Olema Oncology, joins Venrock partner Alex Rosen to discuss the history of Olema. Olema had a successful IPO last year and Harmon sheds light on what biotech companies should look for when selecting banks for an IPO and how to build momentum for financing rounds.

author img 3.31.2021
by Brian Ascher

FinOps Automation: It’s Time

Finance and Accounting departments have a scaling problem. Engineering, Product, and Operations often have economies of scale, network effects, and operating leverage. Sales and Marketing benefit from growing brand awareness, category leadership, and expanded distribution. Thus, as companies mature,

author img 3.26.2021
by Julie Park

David vs Goliath: 5 Strategies for Commerce Startups to Succeed in an Amazon World

This article was first published in Business Insider. Disruptive commerce founders want to revolutionize what we buy, how we buy, or who we buy from. But commerce is a notoriously competitive space with unique hurdles. Standing large against that backdrop is Amazon.   It's safe

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: No Egos, No Jerks, No Politics

Venrock partner Camille Samuels speaks with Angie You, CEO of Amunix, and Rich Heyman, Chairman of the Board, about the dynamics between a CEO and a Chairperson that foster a successful company. You and Heyman dive into the importance of mutual trust and respect between a CEO and the Board, and You

author img 2.22.2021
by Julie Park

The $1BN GMV Livestreaming Startup You’ve Never Heard Of

In China, livestream commerce is a $60B market and growing.  Think QVC but interactive, mobile, and highly entertaining.  Ever since Connie Chan’s illuminating post on China’s livestreaming boom, there’s been ongoing debate as to whether or not livestream commerce will cat

author img 2.19.2021
by Bob Kocher, MD

Overcoming the Market Dominance of Hospitals

This article first appeared in It is co-authored with Soleil Shah and Amol S. Navathe. Amidst remarkable uncertainty for its future, one of the most concerning and constant trends in US health care has been the increasing consolidation of health delivery organizations. In health

author img 2.17.2021
by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Inclusion Comes First

Eric Brown, CEO of Dynamic Signal, joins Venrock partner Brian Ascher to speak about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Brown believes you can’t have great culture without putting inclusion first, which is why it was the first thing on his agenda as he stepped into his role as CEO of Dynamic Signa

author img 2.16.2021
by Julie Park

Building for SMBs: 7 Mistakes & Lessons Learned at Facebook

Before I joined Venrock, I was lucky enough to lead the long tail ads business at Facebook.  My customers were realtors, restaurants, accountants, and everyone in between.  Having worked with small businesses throughout the pandemic, I am convinced, now more than ever, that the time is ri

author img 2.3.2021
by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Winning the Digital Shelf

Venrock Partner Mike Tyrrell speaks with Jason Purcell, co-founder and CEO of Salsify to discuss his career and how Endeca’s $1B exit lead to the creation of Salsify. Purcell explains how we are in the midst of a “masses of markets” world, and delves into how commerce experience management p

author img 2.2.2021
by Bob Kocher, MD

Reducing Administrative Waste in the US Health Care System

This article first appeared in The US health care system is famous for its expense and its waste. In a 2019 study, Shrank et al1 estimated that about 25%, or $760 billion to $935 billion, of the $3.6 trillion the US spends on health care annually is potentially wasteful. Th

author img 2.1.2021
by Bob Kocher, MD

Strategic Priorities For The Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services To Advance Medicaid Reform

This article first appeared in It is co-authored with Amol S. Navathe, Mark B. McClellan, Christopher Chen, Judy Zerzan, and Julian Harris. In the months and years ahead, a key priority for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will be supporting and stabilizing