Marketing professionals have more data at their fingertips now than at any other point in history. They have more channels to manage, more places to look, more administrative dashboards to monitor, and more decisions to make.

What Current Digital Marketing Looks Like

You have to:

  • Keep up with Facebook insights and the latest algorithm changes to know which post to sponsor or what graphic might receive the most engagement.
  • Check out Twitter analytics to see which hashtag received the most attention and what tweet received the most retweets and engagement.
  • Sign into Google analytics and your website dashboard every single day in an effort to understand who visits your site and what they do when they arrive.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Marketers need to know who their potential customers are and what they are most likely to engage with. In today’s world of big data, you have several of choices. You can spend more time than you have looking at the data and formulating a plan for each channel your company uses, outsource this work to an agency, or to utilize a new option known as predictive analytics.

Predictive Analytics Will Transform Marketing

Dashboards like Beckon, a marketing software company that lets marketing professionals put the power of their data into their own hands and take appropriate action faster than ever before, will transform the marketing world. Beckon uses channel performance data, machine learning, and a myriad of business specific data points that can help marketers determine what, when, and where your content will receive the most engagement. The days of using anecdotal or generic data that may not apply to your brand or your followers are over.

Beckon is a dashboard and platform that collects data such as clicks, impressions, likes, and other engagement data and rationalizes that information into trends that can be used to make quick and concise marketing decisions that generate revenue and encourage customer retention. Beckon takes “the mess” out of all the data available to marketers and makes it easier to understand and easier to act on.

With predictive intelligence from Beckon assessing big data that is currently scattered across multiple channels, you’ll be able to give your followers, audiences, and potential customers what they want, when they want it. By doing this, you’ll increase engagement, build your brand, convert more leads, and increase revenue all while spending less time figuring out the data.

CMO’s and other marketing professionals continue to have an increasing number of channels to manage and a growing amount of data to filter through. Predictive intelligence solutions like Beckon will help solve this issue for marketers, and we are excited to be a part of the journey!