Spirox is focused on developing minimally invasive technologies that improve the quality of life for patients with nasal obstruction.

Adavium Medical

Adavium Medical is the largest Brazilian medical equipment and diagnostics company, with Brazil being the third largest private healthcare market in the world.


Zeltiq Aesthetics is a medical device company dedicated to the commercialization of non-invasive procedures to help patients achieve cosmetic improvements by reducing or modifying unwanted fat.

World Heart

World Heart Corporation develops implantable mechanical circulatory support systems for long-term use. Its 4th-generation Levacor VAD is the only bearingless, fully magnetically levitated implantable centrifugal rotary pump to have seen clinical use.

Sonic Innovations

Sonic Innovations designs, develops, manufactures and markets advanced digital hearing aids designed to provide the highest levels of satisfaction for hearing impaired consumers.


PowerVision is developing a proprietary fluid-controlled accommodating intraocular lens technology which it believes will restore the vision of youth to millions of middle aged or elderly individuals.

PerSeptive BioSystems

PerSeptive BioSystems produced chromatographic media and hardware systems for production-scale separation, purification and analysis of biomolecules.