ZettaCom provided network communication ICs (Integrated Circuit) for configurable solutions for high-end optical and multi-service switching architectures.

VLSI Technology

VLSI Technology designed, manufactured and marketed custom, complex application-specific integrated circuits and application-specific standard products.

Ungermann Bass

Ungermann Bass designed, manufactured, marketed and serviced enterprise-wide data communications systems.


TriQuint Semiconductor is a leading supplier of high performance components for communications applications.


ThermoSpectra Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets precision imaging, inspection, and measurement instrumentation that uses high-speed data acquisition and digital processing technologies.

Thermo Electron

Thermo Electron Corporation provided technology-based instruments, components, and systems that offered total solutions for markets ranging from life sciences to telecommunications to food, drug, and beverage production.


Teranetics is developing integrated circuits for the next generation of Ethernet transport.

Sierra Semiconductor

Sierra Semiconductor is a leading provider of high speed internetworking component solutions emphasizing ATM, SONET/SDH, T1/E1 and Ethernet applications.