Hua Medicine

Hua Medicine is the leading innovative drug development and commercialization company in China.


Xenoport is focused on developing therapeutics that harness the body’s intrinsic transport systems to improve the oral absorption, distribution and pharmacokinetics of drugs.

Vitae Pharma

Vitae Pharmaceuticals is a drug discovery company bringing together the basic pre-clinical sciences to form a powerful, efficient and effective platform for drug design and development.

Sunesis Pharma

Sunesis Pharmaceuticals discovers and develops novel small molecule therapeutics for important diseases, with a primary focus on the regulation of protein-protein and small molecule-protein interactions as well as other enzymes.


SUGEN developed novel therapeutics through receptor-based approaches to drug discovery, primarily involving kinases and phosphatases.


Sepracor is a research-based pharmaceutical company dedicated to treating and preventing human disease by discovering, developing, and commercializing innovative pharmaceutical products that are directed toward serving unmet medical needs.


Renovis is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on neurological and psychiatric diseases and disorders, using a combination of novel genomics and cell-based assay technologies.