There is a new type of connected technology that’s making eyebrows raise all around the world – self driving cars. Ok ok, so everyone is actually talking about Google Glass, but I have a greater fascination with the way in which the self-driving car can change the lives of all of us.

So, What’s the Big Whoop?

Some consumers and companies are worried about the programming going rouge and causing the passengers to be in danger, and others wonder if this will be a solution to the global warming crisis that seems to be worsening each year . Below are some reasons of why I think this innovation will help in more ways than one.

Minimizing loss of life. Everyday dozens of drivers are killed in automobile accidents. Driverless cars are able to detect potential hazards and work as the eyes and ears for the driver. According to Google, their driverless cars will reduce traffic accidents by 90 percent. In addition to saving lives, these driverless cars will also cut the annual cost of traffic accidents, which is currently over $450 billion per year.

Saves money on commuting. Not only do driverless cars know the most efficient routes to get to your destination, but they’re also estimated to use less gas. Google claims that using driverless cars can save over $101 billion dollars in fuel costs. The majority of this $101 billion is spent on wasted gas from taking incorrect or less-efficient routes, which will equate to savings in your pocket and savings for the ozone.

Auto Industry Disruption Businesses are already lining up and investing in buying fleets of these driverless cars. Businesses such as Zipcar could see a fundamental change in the structure of their fleets once these driverless cars hit the road as livery/taxi services and are produced in mass numbers. The reason investors are scrambling to invest in driverless car services is because of the profit margin and the best part about it is that they won’t have to hire in a staff to drive. The car will do all the work itself so there’s no need to pay those high health insurance payments or employee salaries.

All in all, I think Google has got something something special here (and we thought Google glasses were cool). Are you ready to ghost ride the whip? When driverless cars hit the mainstream, will you buy one?