Mariana Mihalusova Vice President

Focus Areas: Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals
Location: Palo Alto

Mariana Mihalusova focuses on biotech and pharmaceutical investments, and is currently a Board Observer at Mythic Therapeutics and Ocelot Bio.  Mariana brings to Venrock deep experience spanning the entire spectrum of drug development – from preclinical, to marketing approval, to lifecycle management – with a special emphasis on crossing the chasm from discovery to clinical validation.

Prior to joining Venrock, Mariana was Executive Director at Celgene Corporation, where she led global development for over a dozen drugs across hematology, oncology, inflammation/immunology, and neurodegenerative diseases – many of which she brought from development candidate nomination, through IND, to clinical proof-of-concept.  Among the drugs in her portfolio were protein degraders (4th- and 6th-gen Aiolos/Ikaros, GSPT1), epigenetic modifiers (BETi, LSD1i), bispecifics (PD1xLAG3, CD47xCD20), and several CAR-Ts.

Mariana received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Harvard University, MBA from Harvard Business School, and Sc.B. in Biochemistry from Brown University.