All aspects of company building are hard: not just the standard tasks like product development, but also the non-consensus thinking and the constant adjustments required to build truly disruptive, substantial, and sustainable businesses. Great entrepreneurs are learning machines – constantly seeking out wisdom and experienced counsel to help them navigate the knife’s edge journey they have undertaken. For over 50 years, Venrock has been fortunate to partner with amazing founders and CEOs, both to build their businesses as well as eventually connect them with the next generation of visionaries. 

From this broad pool of entrepreneurs and industry experts, a handful have been of such extraordinary help and become such close colleagues that we decided to formalize exclusive advisory relationships with them. Additions to this group include:

  • Mathai Mammen, global head of research and development at Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies at Johnson & Johnson. Previously, Mathai was an SVP at Merck and co-founder and SVP of research and development at Theravance;
  • Todd Park, co-founder and executive chairman of Devoted Health.  Previously, Todd was CTO of the United States (2012 – 2014); co-founder of Castlight Health; and co-founder and former president of Athenahealth;
  • Kole Roybal, assistant professor of microbiology and immunology at UCSF. He was a founding scientist at Cell Design Labs (acquired by Gilead in 2017) and is now co-founder of Arsenal Biosciences.
  • John Stuelpnagel, chairman of the board of directors of 10X Genomics, Inscripta and Element Biosciences. Previously, John was chairman of the board of Ariosa Diagnostics (2014 acquisition by Roche) and co-founder and initial CEO of Illumina.

We look forward to working in partnership with these esteemed advisors to build enduring companies in healthcare.