Venrock is thrilled to announce that Tom Willerer will be joining us as a partner. Tom will be helping us expand our efforts in consumer technology, looking for entrepreneurs who dare to do something that others believe is impossible. Venrock has a long history of investing in early stage, consumer startups going back to Apple in the 1970s and recent success stories including Dollar Shave Club and Nest. The consumer space continues to be exciting as new brands create products and services that delight, and out-innovate the incumbents.

Tom brings nearly two decades of experience to Venrock, having co-led product innovation at Netflix during their massively successful transition from DVDs to streaming, and more recently, built products and teams at Coursera that helped 24x quarterly revenues. Tom has developed a passion for company building, not unlike the rest of the team at Venrock, and his experience will be an asset to our portfolio companies.

But there was also something less obvious in Tom that made us want to partner with him. As we got to know him and he interacted with people in our network, the feedback was not only positive, they wanted to hire him for themselves!

We’re thrilled that Tom wanted to partner with us too and look forward to building companies together.

To learn more about Tom, you can read his post here.